Yard Waste and Leaf Collection

The leaves are falling and this is a good time to remind residents about yard waste collection available in the city. Yard waste, including bagged leaves, can be picked up from your property as part of Rumpke’s normal Thursday pick-up in Reynoldsburg. Please note that the leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags or in containers marked “yard waste.” Branches will also be picked up if they are cut to 4 feet or shorter and tied into bundles with string or twine (please keep each bundle no wider than 2 feet). Yard waste collection is available year-round.

You can recycle nutrients by mulching your leaves with your lawn mower.  Returning the lawn clippings to your lawn can help fertilize.

Please do not rake or blow leaves onto the street. Leaves in the street often end up in city storm drains and this can cause complications, particularly if the leaves cluster and then freeze in the drains. The Reynoldsburg Code of Ordinances specifically prohibits the placing of leaves and yard waste onto public streets.