Our 2015-2016 Aggregation Contact is Ending...What's Next?...

Reynoldsburg residents who are members of the City's electric aggregation program are receiving letters this week regarding the change in service. The contract with AEP Energy expires this month. Under the new electric aggregation program, the energy component of the utility bill will be provided by Constellation at the program rate of 5.77¢/kilowatt hour (kWh). Program participants will still receive their bills from the utility, American Electric Power/Ohio Power (AEP/Ohio),

Residents and businesses that are enrolled in the program will see that rate reflected on their electric bill beginning in June. It is important for participants to realize that, due to program timing, all program participants will see a transition of suppliers on their utility bill. The current aggregation program rate of 6.77¢/ kWh will appear on the March utility bill. Program participants will pay the AEP/Ohio power standard service offering energy rate of approximately 6.0¢/kWh on the April and May utility bills (while Constellation kicks off the new program), and the new Constellation aggregation program rate will appear on the June bill and will be effective for 24 months.

Eligible households and small businesses will receive a letter from Constellation in late March describing program details. Any eligible household or business that wants to take advantage of the program, including all current program participants, will be automatically enrolled. Any household or small business that does not want to participate in the program must “opt-out."

Electric service WILL NOT be disrupted during this transition period.