City Departments


Building Department

We review plans, issue yearly registrations to contractors, complete inspections; issue certificate of occupancy; building, electrical, heating, plumbing, sign, sidewalk, and development permits and more.


Civil Service

We provide the city with the best candidates for employment and promotion who will deliver quality service to the community, and we protect the rights of classified employees.


Clerk of Courts

Hears most criminal and traffic misdemeanor offenses that occur within the jurisdiction of the our Police Division and the Building Department.


‚ÄčDevelopment Department

We are responsible for land development, land use planning, economic development, zoning and implementation of a comprehensive plan for the city.


Engineering Department

We manage the planning, design and construction of public improvement projects for streets, storm sewers, water mains, sanitary sewers and sidewalks.


Human Resources

We serve as a partner to the various division of within the City of Reynoldsburg. We provide support, benefits administration and recruitment.


Parks and Recreation

We provide and promote participation by all Reynoldsburg citizens through educational, park, recreational and leisure opportunities.


Police Department

We work together within our division and the community to achieve the goal of a safer Reynoldsburg. Learn more and get answers to FAQs.


Service Department

We are the administrative umbrella for the Street, Storm water, Water, Sanitary Sewer and Building Departments as well as refuse & recycling collection.


Street Department

Our mission is to provide a safe and maintained road network. We do the utmost to be responsive to community concerns and requests in a timely manner.


Water / Wastewater Department

We are responsible for the billing of water and sewer, refuse and storm water, as well as the maintenance of water and sewer lines and fire hydrants.