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Reynoldsburg City Council approved legislation on several key infrastructure repair and replacement projects. Bill Sampson, City of Reynoldsburg Service Director, said, “We will be replacing existing infrastructure and finally tackle maintenance that has been deferred for too long.”

The City will be replacing the aged and undersized water main in East Main Street from Lancaster Avenue (northern leg) to approximately 700 feet east of the Waggoner Road/Graham Road intersection. The project will include approximately 3,350 linear feet of new 12-inch diameter water main. “This work will take place in the roadway and sidewalk areas, resulting in several temporary roadway lane closures and detours,” Sampson said. “The City will provide traffic pattern updates on the City website throughout the course of construction,” he added. Work is expected to take place from July through November of 2017.

The City will be performing sanitary sewer rehabilitation work on several of the sanitary sewer lines along the following streets: Rocky Den Road/Court, Red Fox Court, Olde Mill Run, Red Fox Road, Hunt Valley Drive, and Roundelay Road North. “Since the sanitary sewers in this neighborhood are located in the rear yards, this work will require the City’s contractor and inspector to have access into the rear yard sewer easements,” Sampson explained. “This project will not require the contractor to dig in yards but does require them to have access to manholes.” “In all, 6,250 linear feet of sanitary sewer will be repaired and rehabilitated using the cured-in-place pipe method,” Sampson added. Work is expected to begin in July 2017 and be completed by October 2017.

The City will be replacing the storm sewers on Graham Road from Blacklick Creek (north of the 5-way intersection) to Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church; Rodebaugh Road from Dysart Ditch to Brightstone Drive; Creekside Place; and Dickens Drive.

According to Sampson, “This project will replace approximately 2,150 linear feet of aged and deteriorated storm sewer.” “These projects will result in temporary roadway lane closures and detours on these roadways.” “The City will provide updates on the progress of construction and traffic pattern changes on the website,” Sampson added. Work is expected to occur between July 2017 and October 2017

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