City Council

The City of Reynoldsburg is a Charter City and Council is the legislative body, comprised of three At Large members, who represent the entire city; four Ward members, each representing a respective ward; and a President, who is elected from the city at large. The term for each office is four years.

At its first meeting in January of each year, Council meets for the purpose of organization; and then meets in regular and committee sessions on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. If a Monday is a nationally recognized holiday, a meeting is held on the immediately succeeding Tuesday. Council recesses during the month of August.

For operating purposes, Council has four standing committees responsible for finance, service, safety, and community development topics. The President of Council may, from time to time, appoint special committees for limited purposes, subject to the approval of a majority of Council.

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Clerk of Council

April Beggerow
Email the Clerk
Phone: (614) 322-6805
Fax: (614) 322-6837
Council hotline: (614) 322-6815

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