2015 Legislation

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions 2015

January, 2015

Resolution 01-15  Resolution Approving the Renewal Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District.

Ord. 02-15 Resolution for Services 7495 East Broad (Annexation from Jefferson Twp)

Ord. 03-15 Ordinance to Authorize the Mayor to Purchase Equipment for Street Department.

Ord. 04-15  Ordinance to Authorize Mayor to Purchase Wheel Loader for Street Dept

Ord. 05-15 Ordinance to Authorize Mayor to Purchase Police Cruiser for Reynoldsburg Police Dept  


February, 2015

Ord. 06-15 Ordinance to Authorize Mayor to Purchase Camera System Equipment.

Ord. 07-15  Ordinance to Authorize Auditor to Remove Items from Fixed Asset List.

Ord. 08-15 Ordinance to Accept Annexation in Etna Twp.

Ord. 09-15 Ordinance Appropriating Unencumbered Balances in Police Special Revenue Funds

Ord. 10-15  Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into Contract with ODOT for State Route 256 Improvements.

Ord. 11-15  Ordinance Authorizing 2% Cost of Living Adjustment for Eligible Employees.

Ord. 12-15 Ordinance making Appropriations to Various Accounts to Reflect Increase in BWC

Ord. 13-15 Ordinance Approving SEUP for 1359 Brice Rd

Ord. 14-15 Ordinance Approving SEUP 6475 E. Main St

Ord. 15-15  Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Purchase Road Salt

Ord. 16-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into a contract for Huber Park Study

Ord. 17-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into an Agreement with EMH&T for Sewer Line and Manhole Inspections

Ord. 18-15 Ordinance to Authorize Mayor to Purchase Vacall Street Sweeper  

March, 2015


Ord. 19-15 Ordinance Authorizing the Appropriation of $170,000 for Unappropriated General Fund for Damages to the Police Dept and Senior Citizen Center

Ord. 20-15 Ordinance to Approve, Adopt and Enact a Supplement to the Code of Ordinances

Ord. 21-15  Ordinances Authorizing Engineering Services for the 2015 Street Program

Ord. 22-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into a Contract for 2015 Fireworks Display

Ord. 23-15  Resolution Authorizing Participation in the ODOT Cooperative Purchasing Program

Ord. 24-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into Agreement with Bermex, Inc. for Meter Reading

Ord. 25-15 Ordinance Repealing and Replacing Ordinance 90-14

Ord. 26-15 Ordinance Requesting Counsel Appropriate $19,644 from Unappropriated General Fund to Computer Dept. Misc. Contract Svcs.

Ord. 27-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into Lease Agreement with Document Solutions for Copier

Ord. 28-15 Ordinance to Amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of Reynoldsburg: Section 160.02

Ord. 29-15 Ordinance Authorizing Contract to Maintain Main St Corridor Revitalization

April, 2015

Ord. 30-15Ordinance Repealing and Replacing Ordinance 25-15

Ord. 31-15 Ordinance Authorizing the Reynoldsburg Division of Police to Accept the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Assistance Grant

Ord. 32-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Purchase one UnderCover Vehicle for Reynoldsburg Police Dept

Ord. 33-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter in Contract for the 2015 Sanitary Sewer Project

Ord. 34-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter Into Contract for Sanitary Sewer Project (Brice/Rider Crest/Nimes)

Ord. 35-15 Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to enter into the Furth Rd Water main Replacement Project

Ord. 36-15 Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into a Contract for Inspection Services for the Furth Rd Watermain Replacement Project

Ord. 37-15 Ordinance Approving SEUP (6543 E. Main St)

Ord. 38-15 Ordinance Authorizing City Auditor to Remove Equipment from City's Fixed Asset List 

May, 2015


Ord. 39-15 Amend Sec 160.02 (a) and (c) Regarding P/t Assistant Clerk of  Council and F/t Development Assistant.

Ord. 40-15 Removal of Fixed Assets - Police Cruisers.

Ord. 41-15 Appropriate Donated Funds to the Police Department.

Ord. 42-15  Agreement with OEM for 15 Micro MDT terminals for Police Dept.

June, 2015

Ord. 43-15 Grant Request for MARCs Repeater Program.

Ord. 44-15 2015 Street Program

Ord. 45-15 2015 Street Program- Inspection Services.

Resolution 46-15 Resolution Recognizing Feed Ohio.

Ord. 47-15 Agreement with Document Solutions for Copier in Building Department.

Ord. 48-15  Making Appropriations for Full time Human Resources Director.

Ord. 49-15 Intergovernmental Agreement with MORPC/OSU for Intern.

Ord. 50-15  Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Whitehall - SWAT

Ord. 51-15  Amend 160.02 (G)(2) Service Department/Building Department to change Code Enforcement from 2 part time to 2 full time positions.

Ord. 52-15 Unpaid Grass & Weed cutting costs to Franklin County Auditor.

Ord. 53-15  Unpaid Grass & Weed cutting costs to Licking County Auditor.

Ord. 54-15  Unpaid Water bills to Franklin County Auditor.

Ord. 55-15  Unpaid Water bills to Licking County Auditor.

Ord. 56-15  Then and Now, Ducket Law Firm.

Ord. 57-15  Then and Now Xceligent, Inc.

Ord. 58-15  Amend 971.16 City Code- Tomato Festival Beer Garden.

Ord. 59-15  Amend Zoning Map- Wesley Ridge Wellness Center.

Ord. 60-15  Resolution Adopting the 2016 Tax Budget.

July, 2015


Ord. 61-15  East Broad Street Water Tank Improvement Project.

Ord. 62-15 East Broad Street Water Tank Improvement Project ~ Inspection Services.

Ord. 63-15 Additional Appropriations for the Senior Citizen Center Repairs.

Ord. 64-15 Then & Now:  Belfor USA.

Motion to Request Liquor Permit Hearing~ SC Bar & Kitchen & Patio.
Motion to Recess Month of August.
Motion for the Clerk of Council to Return Liquor Permits During the August Break.

Ord. 65-15 Resolution Recognizing Keep Reynoldsburg Beautiful

Ord. 66-15  Amend Wesley Ridge Lease Agreement.

Ord. 67-15  Huber Park Master Plan, Phase 2.

Ord. 68-15 Amend 160.02 (f) - Police Department for a Temporary Increase in Strength.

Ord. 69-15  Agreement with EMH&T to Deisgn and Bid Livingston Ave. Project.

Ord. 70-15  Trade in of Weapons to Pheonix Distributing.

September, 2015

Ord. 71-15  Authorize the Mayor to apply for an OPWC Grant for Baldwin Road Repairs.

Ord. 72-15 Authorize the Mayor to Enter Into a Client Order Agreement with Document Solutions to Replace a Damaged Copier.

Ord. 73-15 Purchase of Road Salt.

Ord. 74-15  Awarding Deposit of Public Funds.

Ord. 75-15 Appropriation of Funds for Lt. Assessment.

Ord. 76-15  Then and Now OSU/MORPC Intern.

Ord. 77-15  Authorization to Purchase a Vehicle for the Court Liason

Ord. 78-15  Resolution Certifying Tax Budget to Licking County

Ord. 79-15  Repeal and Replace 74-15 due to Clerical Error

Motion to Appoint Robert Welday to Planning Commission~ term ending Dec. 2017
Motion to Appoint Eli Bowman to Design Review Board~ term ending Dec. 2017

October, 2015

Ord. 80-15 Agreement with the City of Columbus to Provide the 2016-2018 Water Sampling Service

Ord. 81-15  Special Exception Use Permit 170493 Approval 6366 E Main Street

Ord. 82-15  Special Exception Use Permit 169919 Approval 6475 E Main Street

Ord. 83-15  Appropriation of Donated Funds to the Police Department

Ord. 84-15  Agreement with EMH&T for Engineering Services 2016-2017

Motion Confirming the Appointment or James E. Hood to the Licking County TIRC
Motion Confirming the Appointment of Dan Havener to the Licking County TIRC
Motion Confirming the Appointment of Dan Havener to the West Licking Development Community Improvement Board

Ord. 85-15 Bond Refinance

Ord. 86-15  Acceptance of Annexation 7495 E. Broad Street

Ord. 87-15  Resolution Certifying Tax Budget to Franklin County

Ord. 88-15  Agreement with the City of Columbus to provide motorcycle repair services for the motorcycles of the motor unit.

Ord. 89-15  Agreement with Bermex to provide meter reading service

Ord. 90-15  Agreement with CT Consultants to provide engineering services.

Ord. 91-15  Removal of fixed assets- speed trailer from Police Department

November, 2015

Res. 92-15   Resolution Ratifying Several TIRC

Ord. 93-15  Transfer of Funds from General/Administrative to the Mayor's Office Legal Expenses

Ord. 94-15  SEUP #171119 1727 Brice Rd

Ord. 95-15  SEUP #171013 6541-6543 E Main

Ord. 96-15  Removal of Items from the City's Fixed Asset List~ Police Dept.

Ord. 97-15  Enact Chapter 190 of Title 9- Income Tax

Ord. 98-15  Transfer Funds from Fund 320 to the General Fund

Ord. 99-15  Authorization with Aetna for the City's Health Insurance

Ord. 100-15  Authorization with Delta Dental for City's Dental Insurance

Ord. 101-15  Authorization with MetLife for Life Insurance

Ord. 102-15  Authorization to Accept the Drug Use Prevention Grant

Ord. 103-15  Transfer of Funds Parks & Rec to allow for Purchase of Truck, Plow & Related Equipment.

Ord. 104-15  Authorization to Purchase 1 Truck, Plow and Related Equipment for Parks & Rec.

Motion to Appoint Richard Carr to the Design Review Board

December, 2015

Ord. 107-15  Authorization to Fund Health Savings Accounts

Ord. 108-15  TF of Funds w/in Human Resources to cover OSHA Supplies

Ord. 109-15  Authorization to Enter Into an Agreement for City Insurance

Res. 110-15 Resolution of Support for the Local Government Innovation Fund 

Ord. 111-15  Appropriate funds to Accounts: Workers Compensation, Unemployment Compensation and Civil Service

Ord. 112-15  Authorize the Purchase of BDA Unit for Police Department

Ord. 113- 15   JEDD & Annexation Agreement with Etna Township #1

Ord. 114-15  JEDD Agreement with Etna Township #2

Ord. 115-15  Development & Compensation Agreement 

Ord. 116-15  Authorize Agreement with Broadband Resources for Disaster Recovery 

Ord. 117-15  Removal of Fixed Assets (Water Department/Parks and Recreation)

Ord. 118-15  Amend Water Rates

Ord. 119-15  Amend Sewer Rates

Ord. 120-15  Amend Stormwater Rates

Ord. 121-15 Franklin Soil & Water Conservation Agreement

Ord. 122-15  Interim 2016 Budget

Ord. 123-15  Transfer Among Various Accounts (Clean-Up Ordinance)

Ord. 124-15  Amend the Bylaws of the Treasury Investment Board