2018 Legislation

The Reynoldsburg City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30pm beginning with Committee sessions with Regular Council sessions following. If a Monday is a nationally recognized holiday, a meeting is held on the Tuesday immediately following. Council recesses during the month of August.  

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances & Resolutions

January, 2018

Ord. 01-18  Agreement w/Bermex for meter reading

Ord. 02-18  Removal of equipment from fixed asset list

Ord. 03-18  Amend Code Chapters 1131, 1171 & 1175

Ord. 04-18 Amend Code Chapters 1111, 1119, 1123, & 1127

Ord. 05-18  Amend Code Chapter 1155

Ord. 06-18 Enact Cash Reserve policy

Ord. 07-18 Enact City Debt policy

Ord. 08-18 Authorize pool site demo

Ord. 09-18 Purchase of John Deere Tractor for Parks & Recreation

Ord. 10-18  Purchase of 2 pick-up trucks and a dump truck for Parks & Recreation 

Ord. 11-18  Resolution authorizing participation in the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program 

Ord. 12-18  Agreement w/Franklin County Public Health for mosquito management services

Resolution Recognizing the Central Ohio Litter Summit

February, 2018

Ord. 13-18  Adopting the 2018 Code Supplement

Ord. 14-18 Approval to purchase park equipment (Benches, Picnic Tables, Receptacles)

Ord. 15-18  Removal of Fixed Assets (Toughbooks from the PD)

Ord. 16-18  Amend Code Sections 905 et. al.

Ord. 17-18 Memorandum of Understanding Franklin County Drug Task Force

Ord. 18-18 Purchase of New Cover for the Salt Barn

Ord. 19-18  Purchase of 2 new Dump Trucks for Street Department

Ord. 20-18  Purchase of new Pick-up Truck for Mechanic Department

Ord. 21-18 Purchase of Skid Steer for Street Department

Ord. 22-18 Purchase of Bucket Truck for Street Department

Ord. 23-18  Appropriate Funds to Water/Wastewater Department

Ord. 24-18  Amend Ord. 81-06 Regarding Auctioning of Assets

Ord. 25-18  Amend 505.01 Animals & Fowl

Ord. 26-18  Repeal 1103 Design Review Board, Enact New 1103 Design Review  etc...

Resolution Honoring Westerville Officers
Resolution Honoring Black History Month

March, 2018

Ord. 27-18  Pine Quarry Park Improvements 

Ord. 28-18 Pine Quarry Park Improvements Inspection Services

Ord. 29-18  Purchase of 2 unmarked vehicles for Police Department

Ord. 30-18  Then and Now; Service Department

Ord. 31-18  Agreement with Garland Company;  New Roof for Municipal Building

Ord. 32-18 Purchase of Mini Track-Hoe & Trailer for Water Department

Ord. 33-18 Amend Code Section 190 Income Tax

Ord. 34-18  Removal of Fixed Assets; Parks & Recreation

Ord. 35-18  Purchase of 6 Police Cruisers

Ord. 36-18  Purchase of 4 Police Cruisers

Ord. 37-18  Removal of Fixed Assets; Police Department

Ord. 38-18  Granting Easement to AEP Ohio Transmission

Ord. 39-18  Agreement with Pyrotechnico for 2018 Fireworks Display

Ord. 40-18  Removal of Fixed Assets; Street Department

Ord. 41-18  Appropriation of Police Special Revenue Funds

Ord. 42-18 Establish Fund 285; Endowments & Contributions

April, 2018

Ord. 43-18  Removal of Fixed Assets

Ord. 44-18 Amend Code Section 1171.07 Temporary Special Land Use

Ord. 45-18  Zoning Change - City Park Properties to S-1 Special District

Ord. 46-18  Zoning Change- YMCA Property to S-1 Special District

Ord. 47-18 Zoning Change 8895 E. Main - State of Ohio to GI General Industry District with Limited Overlay

Ord. 48-19  JEDD 3 Amendment

Resolution for Donate Life Ohio

Ord. 49-18  Baldwin Road Improvement Project Construction Agreement

Ord. 50-18  Baldwin Road Improvement Inspection Services Agreement

Ord. 51-18  2018 Street Program Construction Agreement

Ord. 52-18  2018 Street Program Inspection Services Agreement

Ord. 53-18  Removal of Fixed Assets- Police Department

Ord. 54-18  Agreement with Vocalink for Translation Services

Ord. 55-18  Amend Chapter 160 (a) and (c) 

May, 2018

Res. 56-18  Resolution to Participate in the ODOT Winter Contract (for road salt)

Ord. 57-18  Appropriate funds from CIP for Community Center 

Ord. 58-18  Agreement with OHM to Design the Lancaster/Main Parking Lot

Ord. 59-18  2017 Nuisance Costs Certified to Franklin County Auditor

Ord. 60-18  2017 Nuisance Costs Certified to Licking County Auditor

Ord. 61-18  Purchase of Dump Truck for Water/Wastewater Department

Ord. 62-18  Bond Ordinance Community Center

Ord. 63-18  Amend 741.06  Requirements for Street Curb Vendors

Ord. 64-18  Repeal/Replace 51-18 Street Program 

Ord. 65-18  Amend Chapter 1151

Ord. 66-18  Amend Ord. 94-12 Vendor list 


June, 2018

Ord. 67-18  Agreement w/Sound Communications for Chambers Audio System Replacement

Ord. 68-18  Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Rec

Ord. 69-18  Agreement w/Total Tennis for JFK Tennis Court Resurfacing

Ord. 70-18 Agreement with TJ Young for Replacement Roof Street Department

Ord. 71-18 Repeal/Replace 71-18 Purchase of Pick-Up Truck for Mechanic

Ord. 72-18 Appropriation of Sponsorship Funds - Parks & Rec

Ord. 73-18 Appropriation of Sponsorship Funds - Parks & Rec

Ord. 74-18  Enact Section 305.10 Reynoldsburg Code Arrest or Citation on Radar, Timing Device or Radio Message from Another Officer

Ord. 75-18 Repeal Ord. 14-03 Section 1 and Enact a New Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual.

July, 2018

Ord. 76-18  OHM Then & Now

Ord.  77-18 Chapter 160 changes to create Deputy Chief of Police

Ord. 78-18 Adopting the 2019 Tax Budget

Motion Appointing Bailey Sparks as Deputy Clerk of Council

Ord. 79-18  Authorizing to Seek OPWC Assistance Waggoner Road Improvements

Ord. 80-18 Rezoning 441-455 S. Waggoner Road from R3 to PND

Ord. 81-18  Purchase of Copier for Police Department

Ord. 82-18  CCTV Manhole Inspections

Ord. 83-18  Graham/Main Northfield/Cottingham Sewer Improvements - Engineering & Bidding

Ord. 84-18  Appropriate Funds for Additional Debt Service Payments

Motion: Recess Month of August
Motion: For the Clerk of Council to Return Liquor Permits
Motion:  Recognizing Roosevelt Nix
Motion:  Authorize Service Director to Advertise for Bids for Main/Lancaster Parking Lot

September, 2018

Ord. 85-18  Appropriate Funds to Police Department (National Night Out donations)

Ord. 86-18  Authorize EMH&T to Conduct Survey, Design and Bidding Services for Palmer Road Improvements

Ord. 87-18  Appropriate Donated Funds for Tomato Festival

Ord. 88-18  Appropriate Start-Up Funds for Tomato Festival

Ord. 89-18  Authorize Signing of Amendment 1 to JEDD 1 w/Etna Township

Ord. 90-18  Authorize Signing of Amendment 1 to JEDD 2 w/Etna Township

Ord. 91-18  Westley Ridge Bond Ammendment

Res. 92-18  Accept Rates Licking County

Res. 93-18 Accept Rates Licking County

Motion to Appoint Alex Furst to Planning Commission

October, 2018

Ord. 94-18  Agreement with Facemyer for the Lancaster/Main Parking Lot

Ord. 95-18  Transfer of Funds between Parks & Recreation & Civil Service

Ord. 96-18  Appropriate Sponsorship Funds ~ Parks & Rec

Ord. 97-18  Appropriate Sponsorship Funds ~ Heroes for Kids

Ord. 98-18  Vacate Utility Easements Blacklick Park Property

Ord. 99-18  Appropriation for Debt Service Payment ~ Interest on Community Center

Ord. 100-18  Sale of Property to Buckeye Lake Brewery Davidson Drive

Ord. 101-18  Authorization to Apply for Franklin County Economic Development Loan

Ord. 102-18  Main Street/Brice Road TIF

Ord. 103-18  Broad Street TIF

Ord. 104-18  Ordinance Authorizing Contract with Rumpke 

November, 2018

Ord. 105-18 Then & Now CT Consultants

Ord. 106-18 Repeal 101-18 Franklin County Loan Application

Ord. 107-18  Franklin County Loan Application

Ord. 108-18 Water Supply Loan Revolving Account

Ord. 109-18 Main & Taylor Turn Lane Bid Request

Ord. 110-18 Amend Section 1183.04 of Chapter 1183 (PND)
Ord. 111-18 Ordinance Awarding Deposits of Public Funds

Ord. 112-18  JEDD 4 Agreement with Etna Township

Ord. 113-18  Establishing Fund 285-ENDOWMENTS 

December, 2018

Res. 114-18  Special Exception Use Permit Approval 6519 E. Livingston

Ord. 115-18 Agreement w/Franklin County Public Health

Ord. 116-18 Agreement w/Kirch Group for IT Services for 2019

Ord. 117-18 Water Rate Schedule Change

Ord. 118-18 Sewer Rate Schedule Change

Ord. 119-18 Lease Agreement YMCA

Res. 120-18 Resolution Approving TIRC Recommendations

Ord. 121-18 Water Sampling Agreement w/Columbus

Ord. 122-18  SWACO Recycling Cart Grant

Ord. 123-18  Dispatcher FOP Contract 

Ord. 124-18  2019 Budget

Ord. 125-18  Amend 160.01 160.02 160.05 160.07 160.08 

Ord. 126-18 Employee Health Insurance Agreement w/Medical Mutual

Ord. 127-18  City Insurance (Liability, Auto, Cyber)

Ord. 128-18  Authorize City Auditor to Fund Employee HSA Accounts

Ord. 129-18  Authorize TF of Funds among various accounts- (Clean-up ordinance)