2019 Legislation

The Reynoldsburg City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30pm beginning with Committee sessions with Regular Council sessions following. If a Monday is a nationally recognized holiday, a meeting is held on the Tuesday immediately following. Council recesses during the month of August.  

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances & Resolutions

January, 2019

Ord. 01-19  2019 Sewer Rehab Project - Construction

Ord. 02-19  2019 Sewer Rehab Project - Inspecation

Ord. 03-19  2019 Street Program 

Ord. 04-19  Amend 190.01 Authority to Levy Tax; Purpose of Tax

Ord. 05-19  Approve Comprehensive Plan 2018

Ord. 06-19  Agreement w/OHM for Kroger Traffic Light & Main Street Improvments

Ord. 07-19  Agreement w/Calfee Zoning for Zoning Code Re-write.

Ord. 08-19  Purchase of Walkie Talkies for PD

Ord. 09-19  Purchase of 50 Body Cameras for PD

Ord. 10-19 Purchase of 4 Police Cruisers

Ord. 11-19 Purchase of Pick-up Truck for PD

Res. 12-19  Resolution to Join the Cooperative Purchasing Program

Ord. 13-19  Repeal and Replace 127-18 for City Insurance

Ord. 14-19  Removal of Fixed Assets Police Department

Ord. 15-19  Appropriation of Funds to an Account in the Police Department

February, 2019

Resolution Recognizing February, 2019 as Black History Month

Ord. 16-19  2019-2020 Landscape Services Contract

Ord. 17-19  2019-2020 Irrigation Services Contract 

Ord. 18-19  Dump Truck Purchase for Street Department

Ord. 19-19  Purchase of Truck for Stormwater Department

Ord. 20-19  Amend 157.02 and 157.03

Ord. 21-19  Amend PPM - Credit Card Policy

Ord. 22-19 Purchase of Virtual Server

Ord. 23-19  Appropriation of Funds- Police Department

Ord. 24-19  Amend 160.02 Stormwater Utility

Res. 25-19  Approving Special Exception Use Permit #2018-12 6555 E. Livingston Ave

Ord. 26-19  Approving & Enacting 2019 Code Supplement

Ord. 27-19  Authorizing Franklin Soil and Water Conservation Mini Grant Application/Acceptance

Ord. 28-19  Authorizing Clean Ohio Conservation Program Fun Grant through OPWC Application/Acceptance

Ord. 29-19  Authorizing Agreement with Media Promotion Enterprises (MPE) for Tomato Festival Entertainment

Ord. 30-19  Authorize Contract with EMH&T to prepare bids for the 2019 Water Main Replacement Projects

Ord. 31-19  Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement w/Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

Ord. 32-19  Authorizing a TF of funds between Accounts in the Service Department

Ord. 33-19  Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation Department

Ord. 34-19  Purchase of 1 2019 F-350 for Parks & Recreation Department

Ord. 35-19  Removal of Fixed Assets-  Street Department

Res. 36-19  Participation in ODOT Winter Contract

Ord. 37-18 Purchase of 2 Trucks for Water Department

March, 2019

Ord. 38-19  Removal of Fixed Assets, Police Department

Ord. 39-19  Agreement with EMH&T for CCTV Sewer Line 

Ord. 40-19  Purchase of 1 Police Cruiser to Replace Unit 279

Ord. 41-19  Authorization to Enter into an Agreement with OHM for Phase 2 of the Lancaster/Main Parking Lot

Ord. 42-19  Appropriate Funds to Parks & Recreation from Donations

Ord. 43-19  Appropriate Funds to Police Department from K9 Donations

Ord. 44-19  Amend Code to enact Section 1171.09 Wireless Facilities and Support Structures

April, 2019

Res. 45-19  Waive 971.16 for Reynoldsburg Farmer's Market

Res. 46-19 Wavie 971.06 for Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival

Ord. 47-19  Agreement w/Logicalis for New Phone System

Res. 48-19  Special Exception Use Permit 610 N. Lancaster Ave.

Ord. 49-19 Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation

Ord. 50-19  Authorization to Sign MOU for School Resource Officer

Ord. 51-19  Authorization to Enter into Contract with Guide Solutions for Branding Services

Ord. 52-19 Authorization for EMH&T to Bid JFK Park Improvements

Ord. 53-19 Authorization to Purchase T-250 Transit Van for PD

Ord. 54-19 2019 Fireworks Agreement
Ord. 55-19  Purchase of Recycle Bins from SWACO

Ord. 56-19 Purchase of Recycle Bins from Toter

May, 2019

Ord. 57-19 Appropriation of Funds for Purchase of UTV For Police & Maintenance Departments

Ord. 58-19  Appropriation of Funds to Service Department for Community Clean-Up Day

Ord. 59-19  Contract with Geotechnical Consultants Inc.

Ord. 60-19  2019 Street Program Construction

Ord. 61-19 2019 Street Program Inspection/Testing Services

Ord. 62-19  Palmer Road Construction

Ord. 63-19  Palmer Road Inspection Services

Ord. 64-19  Repeal/Replace Ordinance 56-19

Ord. 65-19 Gas Aggregation Agreement with Volunteer Energy

Ord. 66-19 Establish Funds for JEDDs

Ord. 67-19  Amend Chapter 160 Employee Compensation

Ord. 68-19  Police Special Revenue Funds

June, 2019

Resolution  Recognizing June as Pride Month

Resolution Recognizing World Refugee Day

Ord. 69-19 Approve Payment for Geotechnical Consultants Services

Ord. 70-19 FOP Contract for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021

Ord. 71-19 OPBA Contract for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021

Ord. 72-19 Appropriating Funds from the Unappropriated General Fund to Parks and Rec Accounts

Ord. 73-19 Designating the Community Improvement Corporation as an Agency of the City

Ord. 74-19 Then and Now Recycle Bins

Ord. 75-19 Amend Chapter 160.08

Ord. 76- 19 Tax Budget for Fiscal Year 2020

Ord. 77-19 Amend Chapter 160.01, 160.02, 160.03, 160.08

Ord. 78-19 Fixed Asset Removal

Ord. 79-19 Appropriation of Funds

July, 2019

Ord. 80-19 JEDD 1

Ord. 81-19  Builderscape LLC Contract

Ord. 82-19  JEDD 4

Motion To Appoint of Clerk of Council

Ord. 83-19  Franklin County Nuisance Cost 2018

Ord. 84-19  Licking County Nuisance Cost 2018

Ord. 85-19 Appropriation of Funds for the Reynoldsburg Community Center

Ord. 86-19 Appropriation of Funds to the Parks and Rec Department

Ord. 87-19  Contract with Meeder Investment Management

September, 2019

Resolution Recognizing Saint Mary Macedonian Orthodox Church 

Resolution of Appreciation for Margaret Messick

Resolution of Appreciation for John H. Gregory

Resolution of Recognition of National Suicide Prevention Week

88-19 Brice Road Boundary Line Adjustment

89-19 Support of OML Centralized Taxation

90-19 OPWC Capital Infrastructure 2019 Grant Application 

91-19 Appropriation of Funds from the Human Resources Dept to the Civil Service Dept

92-19 Purchase of Bus for the Senior Center

93-19 Allocation of Funds to the RDA

94-19 Amend Chapter 174 Engineering Professionals 

95-19 Authorize Engineering and Bidding Services for Davidson Drive Improvements

96-19 Authorization for Storm Water Investigation Surveys 

97-19  Repealing and Replacing Various Sections of Chapter 505 Animal and Fowl Phase 1

98-19 Ohio Health Property Lease Agreement

99-19  Annexation of 1676 Lancaster Avenue

100-19 Purchase of Replacement Water/Wastewater Truck

101-19 Appropriation of CIP Funds for Misc. Infrastructure/ Traffic Light E. Main Street - Kroger Complex

102-19 Contract with EMH&T for Water Main Replacement Project

103-19 Contract with Fields Excavating for Water Main Replacement Project

104-19 Authorizing Tax Levy Amounts for Franklin County

105-19 Authorizing Tax Levy Amounts for Licking County

106-19 Appropriation of Funds to the Parks and Rec Department 

107-19 Repealing and Replacing Various Sections of Chapter 505 Animals and Fowl Phase 1

108-19 Authorization to Enter into Contract and Purchase Viewpoint Cloud Solutions Software

October, 2019

109-19  Special Exception Use Permit  #2019-5360 Climate Controlled Storage Facility

110-19  Agreement with Jess Howard Electric for Services for the E Main and Kroger Traffic Light

111-19  Agreement with Builderscape, Inc for Phase 2 Construction Services for Lancaster Ave E main Green Space/Parking Improvement

112-19  Accepting, Approving and Ratifying the Recommendations for City of Reynoldsburg TIRC

113-19  Waive Seton 971.16 for Chamber of Commerce Silent Auction at the Senior Center

114-19 Supporting ODOT Projects for Route 40

115-19  EMH&T Contract for Bids for the 2020 Street Improvements Projects

116-19  36 Month Contract for Novatime Technology Software for Payroll Automation

117-19 Renewal Contract for Mutual of Omaha for the Employee Life, Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance 2020-2022

118-19 Unused Number

119-19  SEUP Adult Day Care on Taylor Road

120-19  Equivant Courtview Software

121-19  Add Chapter 505 Animals & Fowl, Section 505.02 Permitted and Prohibited Animals

November, 2019

122-19 Parks & Rec Appropriation for a Security Camera System

123-19 Parks & Rec Appropriation to Repair Sprinkler System

124-19 Fund Transfer in Human Resources

125-19 Contract with Bermex Inc. for Meter Reading Services

126-19 Unused Number

127-19 EV Charging Stations

128-19 Franklin County Soil and Water Agreement for 2020

129-19 Franklin County Health Department Contract for 2020

December, 2019

130-19 Annexation of 1676 Lancaster Avenue

131-19 Contract with Sphere for Verizon Tower Installation

132-19 PD Admin Fixed Asset Removal

133-19 Water Rate Increase

134-19 Wastewater Rate Increase

135-19 Stormwater Rate Increase

136-19 Contract with Kirch Technology for 2020

137-19 Employee Health Care with Medical Mutual 2020


139-19 Fixed Asset Removal Parks and Recreation

140-19 Contract with EMHT

141-19 Contract with CT Consulting

142-19 Year End Transfer of Funds

143-19 2020 Interim Budget

144-19 Employee HSA Deposits

145-19 Amendments to Chapter 160 Employee Compensation

146-19 City Liability Insurance

147-19  Employee Delta Dental Coverage

148-19 Waiver for Farmers Market

149-19 Waiver of Artists and Makers Market