2014 Legislation

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions 2014

January, 2014

Ord. 01-14
Establishing City of Reynoldsburg procedure for selection of design professionals.

1/13/2014 Motions

Ord. 02-14
A resolution accepting, approving and ratifying the submitted
recommendations of several City of Reynoldsburg tax incentive review councils.

Ord. 03-14
Ordinance to approve payment of services performed prior to the Auditor's certification of availability of funds and declaring an emergency.

Ord. 04-14
Ordinance to approve payment of services performed prior to the Auditor's certification of availability of funds and declaring an emergency.


February, 2014

Ord. 05-14 Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Central Ohio Cougars Baseball.
Ord. 06-14  Ordinance to authorize the Mayor to enter into an agreement with the City of Columbus for contribution towards the Brice Road Corridor improvement project.

2/10/2014 Motions

Ord. 07-14 Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with EMH&T for Engineering services.

2/24/2014 Motions

March, 2014
3/10/2014 Motions

 Ord. 08-14  2014 Budget

Ord. 09-14  Justice Assistance Grant Acceptance

Ord. 10-14  Authorizing Contract for Huber Subdivision Waterline Replacemetn Project.

Ord. 11-14  Authorizing CMOM Program.

Ord. 12-14  Brice Road Improvement Project (Authorizing EMH&T as Project Management/Provide Inspection Services.

Ord. 13-14  Brice Road Improvement Project (Shelley & Sands Agreement)

Ord. 14-14  Brice Road Improvement Project (Shelley & Sands alternate bid #1 approval).

Ord. 15-14  Brice Road Improvement Project (Shelley & Sands alternate bid #2 approval).

Ord.  16-14  Authorizing agreement with Kustom Signal for the purchase of new cameras for marked police vehicles. 

April, 2014

Ord. 17-14 Authorizing Purchase of 2 Police Cruisers

Ord.  18-14  Establish the Indigent Drivers Interlock and Alcohol Monitoring Fund.

Ord.  19-14 Appropriate Sponsorhip Funds~ Parks & Rec.

Ord. 20-14  Authorize Disposal of Fixed Assets~ Parks & Rec.

Ord. 21-14  Appropriate Funds for Donations Received~ Police Department.
 Ord. 22-14  Drug Use Prevention Grant

Ord. 23-14  Authorize CT Consultants as Secondary Engineering Firm

Ord. 24-14  Authorize EMH&T Sewer System Inspection

Ord. 25-14  Authorize EMH&T Water System Modeling

Ord. 26-14 Authorize Purchase of a Truck for the Water/Wastewater Department

Ord. 27-14  Authorize Cost of Living Adjustments for Chap. 160 Employees

Ord. 28-14  Disposal of Fixed Assets, Water Department

May, 2014

Ord. 29-14  JEDZ Agreement Etna Twp. and Reynoldsburg.
 Ord. 30-14  Appropriate funs from the CIP fund ~ Brice Road Improvement Prject.

Ord. 31-14   Then and Now~ AEP.

Ord. 32-14  Authorize Purchase of Truck for the Street Department.

Ord. 33-14  Authorize Purchase of Truck for the Storm Water Department.

Ord. 34-14  Authorize 2014 Fireworks Agreement.

Ord. 35-14  MOU with Kiddie Academy for "Camp Adventure

Ord. 36-14  Authorization for the Mayor to Enter into an Agreement to Purchase Real Property.

Ord. 37-14  Appropriate Donated Funds ~ Police Dept.

June, 2014

Ord. 39-14  Waive Code Section 971.16 for the Tomato Festival.

Ord. 40-14 Authorize Agreement w/Commercial Fitness for the Purchase of refurbished treadmills for the PD.

Ord. 41-14  Authorize Purchase of Duraco Durapatcher.

Ord. 42-14  Transfer of funds from General Debt Retirement Fund to GO Bond Fund ~ Summit Road Project.

Ord. 43-14  Authorization to puchase Cellebrite and FRED forensic equipment.

Ord. 44-14  Special Exception Use Permit 1651 Radekin Road.

Ord. 45-14  Amend Section 759.06 "License" of 759 Secondhand Dealers.

 Ord. 46-14  Repeal of Ordinance 29-14

July, 2014

Ord. 47-14  MARCs Radio System

Ord. 48-14 Lucks Road Waterline Replacement & Appropriation

Ord. 49-14  Lucks Road Waterline Replacement ~ Insepction Services

Ord. 50-14 Lebanon & Roshon Ave Sewer Rehab Project & Appropriation.

Ord. 51-14 Lebanon & Roshon Ave. Sewer Rehab Project~ Inspection Services.

Ord. 52-14  2015 Tax Budget

Ord. 53-14  E. Main Street Parking lot & Brick Crosswalk replacement Project.

Ord. 54-14  Amend Ord. 55-02 in regards to the Sidewalk Program.

Resolution 55-14  Resolution to Enter Into Contract With Rumpke for Trash Services.

Ord. 56-17  Appropriate Funds for the Senior Center Parking Lot.

Ord. 57-14 Authorization to Remove Five Radar Units from the Fixed Asset List.

Ord. 58-14  Certify Grass & Weed Cutting Fees ~ Franklin County.

Ord. 59-14  Certify Grass & Weed Cutting Fees ~ Licking County.

Ord. 60-14  Certify Unpaid Water Bills ~ Franklin County.

Ord. 61-14  Certify Unpaid Water Bills~  Licking County.

Ord. 62-14 Amend Sec. 953.01(c) Water Rate Schedule~Renter Deposit
Ord. 63-14 Amend Section732.05~ Pertaining to Final Utility Billing.
September, 2014

Ord. 64-14  Community Development Block Grant Recertification

Ord. 65-14  Authorize payment to Mazanec, Raskin & Ryder LPA.

 Ord. 66-14  Authorize the Mayor to Seek Financial Assistance from the OPWC for Funding of Various Capital Infrastructure Projects.

Ord. 67-14  Ordinance Authorizing Mayor to Enter into an Agreement with Rumpke for Trash Services.

Ord. 68-14  Ordinance Appropriating Donanted Funds ~ Parks & Recreation

Ord. 69-14  Ordiancne Requesting Transfer of $7,611.00 from Unappropriated General Fund.

Resolution 70-14  Establishing Anti Bullying Awareness Month

Ord. 71-14  Approval of SEUP #165990- 2290 Ayers Drive.  Proposed Use~ Automotive Sales Business.

Resolution 72-14  Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by The Budget Commission & Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies & Certifying them to the County Auditor~ Franklin.

Resolution 73-14 Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by The Budget Commission & Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies & Certifying them to the County Auditor~ Licking

Ord. 74-14  Authorizing Auditor to remove equipment from the Fixed Asset list.

Ord. 75-14  Requesting Transfer of $4,000 from Worker's Compensation Fund to Building Services Acct.

Ord. 76-14  Authorizing Auditor to remove old cruiser cameras from the city's Fixed Asset list.

October, 2014

Ord. 77-14  Authorization to Enter into Contract to Purchase Road Salt

Ord. 78-14  Authorize Agreement with American Legal Publishing for Code Supplement Update.

Ord. 79-14  Authorization to Enter into Agreement with IQM2 for Software Services for the City.

Ord. 80-14  Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation.

Ord. 81-14  Removal of Fixed Assets ~ Water Department

Res. 82-14 Approval of TIRC Recoomendations ~ TIF Renewals.

Ord. 83-14  Amend Sec. 160.02 "Authorized Positions".

November, 2014

Ord. 84-14  Authorizing Agreement with Aetna for Heatlh Insurance.

Ord. 85-14  Authorizing Agreement with Delta Dental for Dental Insurance.

Ord. 86-14 Furth Drive Waterline Replacement.

Ord. 87-14  E.Broad Street Water Tank Improvements.

Ord. 88-14  Brice/Rider & Crest/Nimes Sanitary Sewer Project.

Ord. 89-14  Authorize Agreement with Franklin County Public Health for Health Services.

Ord. 90-14  Setting Charges for Solid Waste Services.

Ord. 91-14 Amend 160.09 "Group Insurance".

Ord. 92-14  Amend 160.07 "Longevity".

Ord. 93-14 Amend 953.01 "Water Rates".

Ord. 94-14 Amend 945.02 "Sewer Rates".

December, 2014

 Ord. 95-14  Authorization to Fund Health Savings Accounts

Ord. 96-14  Amending 160.02 "Employee Compensation"

Ord. 97-14 "Then and Now" to MORPC to pay for Brice Road Admin Fees.

Ord. 98-14  Master Agreement with AEP Energy for Electric Aggregation Program.

Ord. 99-14  Authorization for Agreement for City Insurance.

Ord. 100-14  Authorization for Parks & Rec to Apply for and Accept the ODNR Recreational Trails Grant.

Ord. 101-14  Transfer of Funds Among Various General Fund Accounts.

Ord. 102-14  2015 Budget